Building understanding between Israelis and Palestinians through health




In 2019, Project Rozana USA introduced the Adopt-a-Driver program. The program was designed to offer religious institutions, clubs and community groups an opportunity to connect with Project Rozana’s mission. And thus financially support this essential service that provides Palestinian patients and their escort with free transport to hospitals in Israel from their homes in the West Bank.

Our partners on the ground, Road to Recovery (Israel) and the Hebron-based Palestinian NGO Green Land Society for Health Development in the West Bank provide us with profiles of drivers which are then assigned to the adopting entity.

Early adopters of this program include…

Jacobi Medical Society, a group of Jewish doctors in Maryland who meet regularly for educational programs and networking. They invited Kenneth Bob, chair of Project Rozana USA, to present to a meeting in early 2019 and as a result decided to join the program. They have raised enough money to adopt three drivers this year.

Huntington Jewish Center, a Conservative synagogue on Long Island. They invited Project Rozana to present a program this fall and as a result, the congregation’s Executive Committee decided to make the Adopt-a-Driver initiative an official synagogue project. Funds to adopt two drivers have already been raised.

The community of Falmouth (some members pictured below), MA organizes an annual interfaith Alternative Gift Market, a two-day weekend fundraising event on the Upper Cape. Each year they choose international organizations to highlight and Road to Recovery was one of the selected groups. The funds raised equal the amount needed to sponsor two drivers.

Following our last speaker’s tour in 2018, the Greater Washington DC chapter of Project Rozana was formed. It is an interfaith group that has a shared commitment to help those in society who are most in need.

According to Chapter coordinator Walter Ruby, the rationale behind the establishment of the group is to,

“Support the life-saving work of Project Rozana in Israel-Palestine and by volunteering to do community service work in inner-city Washington.”

To date they have raised enough money to sponsor an Israeli and a Palestinian driver. They also worked alongside local volunteers from the Masjid Muhammad DC (termed “the Nation’s Mosque’) in distributing fresh fruits, vegetables, canned and packaged food items in advance of Thanksgiving to residents of the Anacostia area, which has the highest poverty rate in Washington D.C. Pictured below.

Said Kenneth Bob, chair Project Rozana USA,

 “And there are other groups already involved with the Adopt a Driver program and we hope to see many more join in 2020.”